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QUIKLITTER™ Rescue Essentials

The Rescue Essentials QuikLitter™ is the lowest-cost disposable emergency litter available. It features ten large hand-holds, four on each side and one each at the head and foot, allowing for easy patient handling. With a load capacity tested to 500 lbs, it can be employed for everyday use as a soft stretcher, as a backboard lift assist, as well as MCI emergency patient transport.


The FoxFury Rugo is a rugged go anywhere lighting tool designed for photo / video use. Powered by a rechargeable Power Pack, this 700 lumen light features a sliding Tri-Lens™ which allows the user to select between area, spot and flood lighting. The Rugo can be used as a DSLR light, action camera light, drone light, and more. For use in low light situations.

QUIKLITTER™ LITE Rescue Essentials

Rescue Essentials has now developed the QuikLitter Lite™. This low-cost emergency litter is an even lighter, more compact, version of our popular QuikLitter™. It features ten large hand-holds, four on each side and one each at the head and foot, allowing for easy patient handling. Even more important, the QuikLitter Lite™ comes vacuum packed small enough to fit into the cargo pocket of most tactical and EMS pants.

SIPQuik Cervical Collar – Stabilize In Place Quickly

The SIPQuik™ (Stabilize In Place Quickly) was developed to overcome some of the short-comings of traditional, rigid C-collars. Designed to be a one-size-fits-all solution, this collar is soft before use, so it conforms to each patient's unique body shape. The collar can be easily and quickly stiffened using the built-in vacuum pump, which sucks air out to create a rigid support. This creates a customized fit that is more comfortable for the patient, as well as providing support that truly holds the patient in place, instead of stretching the neck and restricting venous return as is sometimes seen with rigid collars. Single use.

Taker B50 Ballistic Shield Light

The FoxFury Taker B50 is a retrofittable, front mounted 1000 lumen LED light for ballistic shields. This strobe-capable shield light provides tactical officers with panoramic lighting and immediate situation assessment to see and respond faster.

MERET SAVIOR7™ PRO Combat Trauma System | Ballistic Armored Protection

The SAVIOR7™ PRO Combat Trauma System is a low profile assault-aid trauma bag designed for operational and tactical medics working in confined spaces, specifically designed to provide immediate access to critical care supplies and deliver life sustaining treatments while providing ballistic protection for the user. Depending on mission requirements, the SAVIOR7™ PRO can be configured in different versions.