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Hi Viz Stab Resistant Vests

Hi Viz Stab Resistant Vests made by PPSS Group are EN 471:2003 compliant and feature outer covers made out of highly durable Cordura® fabric and include two large box pockets and front zip fastening. They can be put on or taken off within a very few seconds. Additional radio loops, docks for body worn video solutions and Velcro identification badges can be added upon request.Our hi viz stab resistant vests are worn on top of your existing clothing and effectively help protect the wearer against attacks from edged weapons, hypodermic needles and blunt force trauma injuries.


A kit capable of treating multiple injuries including severe bleeding and chest wounds in a high quality 500D Cordura pouch.

Nomad® T32 Production Light

Light up photo and video shoots in seconds with the cordless, battery powered FoxFury Nomad® T32 Production light. This is our brightest self-contained portable production light for situations where portability, maximum power and working underwater and in any weather conditions is key. This includes on location photo and video shoots along with run and gun production work, documentaries, and interviews at events and in the field.


The First-In Response kit is a critical component of the Rescue Task Force. It was designed to provide the RTF team the medical components to stop major hemorrhage, maintain airway, treat chest injuries to support respiratory function and prevent hypothermia.

MERET SAVIOR7™ PRO Combat Trauma System | Ballistic Armored Protection

The SAVIOR7™ PRO Combat Trauma System is a low profile assault-aid trauma bag designed for operational and tactical medics working in confined spaces, specifically designed to provide immediate access to critical care supplies and deliver life sustaining treatments while providing ballistic protection for the user. Depending on mission requirements, the SAVIOR7™ PRO can be configured in different versions.

Elite Series Law Enforcement Red/Blue Wearable Safety Light

Elite Series Law Enforcement Red/Blue Wearable Safety Light The new Guardian Angel™ Elite Series’ design was directly influenced by law enforcement who risk their lives to save ours. Our first class law enforcement safety light combines the best of technology and led innovation to bring you high quality products you can count on.