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Elite Series Law Enforcement Blue/Blue Wearable Safety Light

Elite Series Law Enforcement Blue/Blue Wearable Safety Light The new Guardian Angel™ Elite Series’ design was directly influenced by law enforcement who risk their lives to save ours. Our first class law enforcement safety light combines the best of technology and led innovation to bring you high quality products you can count on.


The Wescue 2.0 EMS Backpack is developed specifically for use within Swedish EMS. We made this bag in collaboration with PAX to deliver a truly versatile experience. A lot of new functions are incorporated in this design. Instead of velcro we use magnetic sealing of bags. The bags material is very easy to clean and the inner transparent inner partitions creates a very good visual view of the contents.


The FoxFury Rugo is a rugged go anywhere lighting tool designed for photo / video use. Powered by a rechargeable Power Pack, this 700 lumen light features a sliding Tri-Lens™ which allows the user to select between area, spot and flood lighting. The Rugo can be used as a DSLR light, action camera light, drone light, and more. For use in low light situations.

SIPQuik Cervical Collar – Stabilize In Place Quickly

The SIPQuik™ (Stabilize In Place Quickly) was developed to overcome some of the short-comings of traditional, rigid C-collars. Designed to be a one-size-fits-all solution, this collar is soft before use, so it conforms to each patient's unique body shape. The collar can be easily and quickly stiffened using the built-in vacuum pump, which sucks air out to create a rigid support. This creates a customized fit that is more comfortable for the patient, as well as providing support that truly holds the patient in place, instead of stretching the neck and restricting venous return as is sometimes seen with rigid collars. Single use.

Bleeding control station | Rescue Essentials

It is important to empower the public to respond when and where incidents happen. Designed to comply with the Department of Homeland Security's "Stop the Bleed" initiative, this complete bleeding control station is easy to identify, access, and utilize. The individual IFAKs each contain the essential tools to address severe bleeding, including an instruction card for quick and easy component identification and use for civilians with little or no training. Eight individual IFAKs are contained in a pouch, held in place by hook-and-loop backing, making it easy to grab all contents, and distribute individual kits to multiple people during mass casualty incidents. A Rescue Essentials QuikLitter™ is also included to provide the means for quick casualty extraction if needed.

Nomad® T32 Production Light

Light up photo and video shoots in seconds with the cordless, battery powered FoxFury Nomad® T32 Production light. This is our brightest self-contained portable production light for situations where portability, maximum power and working underwater and in any weather conditions is key. This includes on location photo and video shoots along with run and gun production work, documentaries, and interviews at events and in the field.