SIPQuik Cervical Collar – Stabilize In Place Quickly

The SIPQuik™ (Stabilize In Place Quickly) was developed to overcome some of the short-comings of traditional, rigid C-collars. Designed to be a one-size-fits-all solution, this collar is soft before use, so it conforms to each patient's unique body shape. The collar can be easily and quickly stiffened using the built-in vacuum pump, which sucks air out to create a rigid support. This creates a customized fit that is more comfortable for the patient, as well as providing support that truly holds the patient in place, instead of stretching the neck and restricting venous return as is sometimes seen with rigid collars. Single use.

STS | Slishman Traction Splint

Traction splints are a critical component of pre-hospital emergency medicine. More specialized than most other splinting devices, traction splints are most commonly used to reduce and stabilize femur fractures. We provide the finest traction splint on the market:  Rescue Essentials' own Slishman Traction Splint™ (STS). This revolutionary traction splint is lightweight, ultra-strong, easily applied and adjusted, and requires minimal training. Objections to traction splints have usually centered around the time it takes to apply them and the training and retraining that most traction splints require. The Slishman Traction Splint (STS) overcomes both of these objections